How to Attain Meditative Stability

how to attain mediative stability

One of the most important aspects of meditation is the notion of meditative stability. We find a comfortable seat in an environment without distractions. Find a straight back. Let your eyes soften. Sit tall and strong. Notice your strength. Breathe in deeply. On the inhale, take in a little more air and hold with an

Addiction and Impermanence

handprint in sand

The problem with the addicted state and our fixation on it is that we refuse to accept that it is not real, not permanent and not what we have convinced ourselves that it is. However, as anyone who has lived through teenage heartbreak knows, this too does indeed pass. But there’s knowing it on a mental level, where we tell ourselves that we understand the concept of impermanence, and there’s a deep, experiential knowing of this Buddhist principle, where we feel it at the core, at the root, at inception. That’s where delusion dissolves and we begin to break free. My Zen teacher used to say, “A little crack opens up..and the light comes in. That’s the beginning.” But the beginning of what?