Meditation for Headaches and Other Sufferings


All medicine gurus, Buddhas and blue-bodies light healers be Present, here and now where you are needed. I call upon your promise to help suffering beings like me. Bless me with your healing light. At least allow me the wisdom and presence to bear this pain without making it worse. Help me see the true condition of my spiritual being, beyond physical limitations. Be with me here, now. I need you.

Core Power to the Core – Part One: How I Got Into Yoga

The studio in NW Portland was packed with sweating, half naked, beautiful people. I fell over about six times trying to keep up. The heat was unbearable. I had to lay on the ground to catch my breath. But something kept pushing me back up to join the class. Call it pride, call it internal drive. Call it what you will but the motivation took hold of me. I powered through the class – something that I’ve since discovered is the exact opposite of a good way to go.

Yoga and the Cycle of Life

At the end of a free beginner’s class at Core Power Yoga, the teacher gave an explanation of the sequence we’d just done. After 75 minutes of grueling yoga work, I always find myself in deep relaxation during the final savasana (resting) pose. At that point