Allow Space

If you really love so and so, then you greet their life experience with an open heart, filled with abundant joy-no matter how shitty they may act. Even the idea that they’re not behaving correctly needs to float away in space. Just be. Let them be. Be you. I know it’s hard. For some of us it’s a life’s work. I get it. But you still gotta do it. Unless you prefer to be sick. If so, that is your choice and I respect your right to choose to stay sick. Personally, I want to be free and I want to be healthy.

Three Ways to Gain Focus

This painting from a Tibetan Buddhist monastery is like a cartoon strip showing stages of a monk calming his mind through meditation training. At the bottom you see a new monk whose mind wanders so much in its own directions that it resembles a muddy elephant led by a naughty monkey. The monk is running after it.