Reveal What’s Real – TV Interview

Interview on the television show Reveal What’s Real with host Erin Donley: The 12-Step Buddhist from Reveal What's Real on Vimeo. When Darren Littlejohn wrote the book, the 12 Step Buddhist, he had no idea if his truth, his teachings, or his unapologetic ways of being would be accepted. He was full time addict who found stability at recovery meetings … Read More

Interview in Integral Yoga Magazine – Summer 2009

Darren Littlejohn, a recovering addict and practicing Buddhist, shares his groundbreaking approach to recovery that blends
deeper Buddhist spirituality and the 12-Step program, originally of Alcoholics Anonymous. In his new book, The 12-Step Buddhist:
Enhance Recovery from Any Addiction, he shares his own struggle and his approach to recovery, as he takes readers through each
of the 12 Steps, along with the Buddhist integration he developed for each step. In this interview (and overview of his 12-Step
integration, see sidebar), Littlejohn shares his perspective, the result of years of personal struggle and spiritual seeking