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Every treatment professional, doctor, therapist, family member, spiritual teacher and sponso should have this book in hand. It will greatly facilitate deeper understanding and compassion for addicts and the people who love them.

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The 12-Step Buddhist is based on a lifetime of seeking and over twenty years of experience in Buddhism and recovery programs. This work goes deeper than prior Buddhist recovery books into the principles of  Buddhism as they relate to addiction and recovery. It also adds an unprecedented level of clarity into techniques from Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, as they pertain to the spiritual principles of the 12-Step model. The author begins with his own story. Next he provides insight into the what works and what needs improvement in the12-Step world, outlines the current scientific data on addiction and presents a simple reference guide to many Buddhist principles relevant to recovery. What follows is an outline of the methods required to "work" each of the 12 Steps from a new, integrated, Buddhist perspective. The techniques progress from beginner to advanced levels and can be used as a lifetime guide to spiritual progress in recovery. Each of the 12 Step chapters end with a Jungian psychological technique, evolved from Voice Dialogs to Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind practice, called Aspects of Self\Addict. The work is extremely powerful and will help all addicts—and the people who love them. 

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  1. margyo

    My name is Margy and I am a very fortunate pre-publication reader of Darren Littlejohn’s soon-to-be-published book The 12-Step Buddhist. I have been in recovery for twenty-plus years and have been a spiritual seeker since I was a little grasshopper. I have read shelves of books on recovery and spirituality both personally and professionally and The 12-Step Buddhist thoughtfully suggests methods of doing the work and living the process better than most. The book offers us more tools for our spiritual tool belt and I believe it illuminates the ’something more’ I have needed in my program. Darren also makes Buddhism comprehensible for those in a hurry-which most people are when they are trying to get better and the book’s language is straight-forward and graced with humor. It is not a glum book! Darren, thanks for walking your talk by writing this book.