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Life coaching in the following areas: addiction, wellness, yoga, mediation, relationships, career and other topics as they reveal themselves. Each session is done on Skype and is 50 minutes in length. Email follow-ups may be included.

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I consulted Darren about how to be synchronized with my purpose and how to achieve this purpose. The session was very constructive and effective and after the session, I discovered possibilities that I have never thought of, thanks to the exercises that Darren asked me to do. Thank you for a great session! 

I’ve been coaching people for over thirty years. Sure, I have credentials:

  • BA and some graduate education in Psychology
  • Acute care mental health worker for teens and adults
  • Eighteen years of continuous sobriety
    • Integration of 12-Step philosophy with other modalities
  • Bestselling author of The 12-Step Buddhist and other books.
  • Five years as a retreat and small group leader
  • Five years as a yoga and fitness instructor
  • Reiki Master
  • Three years of training as a Shamanic Healer
    • Holder of the Peruvian Munay Ki Rites
  • Ultimate Success Masterclass Team Nurturer
    • Using the Law of Attraction as a Buddhist Yoga Teacher in Recovery (say that three times fast)

But the thing I do best is work intuitively to channel what you need to know about yourself and your life path. I don’t tell people what to to, or tell the future or talk to dead relatives. I share what I feel and you decide if that’s accurate or if you want to explore it. I don’t take any crap. My life has been one of hard lessons. If you don’t want to do the hard personal work, then please find someone else. If you are ready to explore your ultimate potential, let go of your shame, low self-esteem and excuses, then we can do some work. If you’re ready, I’m ready.


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