Click here for information and registration for the The 12-Step Buddhist Winter Retreat – January 8-10th, 2010 @ Breitenbush Hot Springs

Portland Dharma Calendar – 12-Step Buddhist Workshops that I’m leading and local teachings that I’m attending.

Book Tour/Workshop Calendar – National events. 

Bookings – Schedule a talk or workshop in your area.

Denver Shambala Center

Portland Groups

12-Step Meditation Meeting for Recovering People meets Tuesdays @ 7pm in the loft at the Portland Alano Club

the 12-Step Buddhist

Weekly Workshop – Open to all – Drop in any time – The group exists to offer support for people on this path

Mondays, 7-8:30pm: Zen Center of Portland

FREE –  All Donations to the Buddha Bucket go to the Zen Center of Portland.

Format: Guided and silent meditations based on the book the 12-Step Buddhist and other Buddhist resources. At the end of each group we have discussion, often some movement like yoga or chi gong and occasional guest speakers. In November we’ll have Beth Marvel teaching Reggie Ray’s body meditation.

Who Should Come: This group is open to anyone and is focused on addicts and the people in their lives. All ages are welcome! Treatment professionals and spiritual teachers are also encouraged to attend.

4 Comments on “Events Calendar”

  1. Zendre

    The workshop was great last year..I highly recommend it to anyone in recovery.

    Great Website by the way!

  2. margyo

    I was interested in signing up for this workshop- but the New Renaissance website to which the Register Now button directs one doesn’t have information about it nor do they have a calendar for March 09.