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Self-study: Svadyaya

One purpose of yoga is self-study. The sanskrit term for self-knowledge is svādhyāya. The real reason for self-study is self-knowledge, or the revelation of the true, spiritual self.

Ramana Maharshi, a great yogi, stated that the Self is awareness:

The Truth is that Self is constant and unintermittent Awareness. The object of inquiry is to find the true nature of the Self as Awareness. Let one practice inquiry so long as separateness is perceived.

Giving up awareness of not-self leads to pure awareness:

You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you. Since you are awareness there is no need to attain or cultivate it. All that you have to do is to give up being aware of other things, that is of the not-self. If one gives up being aware of them then pure awareness alone remains, and that is the Self.

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