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12-Step Buddhist Summer Retreat 2012 8/26-8/28: Perfecting Maintenance

The 2nd Annual 12-Step Buddhist Summer Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs

Perfecting Maintenance: The Six Perfections and the 12 Steps

August 26th-28th – Sunday 6pm-Tuesday Noon

NOTE: We are still having the winter retreats. The 4th Annual 12-Step Buddhist Winter Retreat will be in the first weekend of February, 2013. The prices for all of our retreats are still very reasonable.

Please print our flyer and place it where people can see it: 12-Step Buddhist Summer 2012 Flyer

For our second summer retreat we’ll be working with some basic Buddhist concepts as they relate to steps 10, 11 and 12 of the AA literature. These are commonly referred to as the “maintenance steps” to be practiced in daily life after working through Steps 1-9. In Buddhism the system of the paramitas (Sanskrit for perfections) are used as a path to enlightenment. The Perfections are Generosity, Discipline, Patience , Diligence, Meditative concentration and Wisdom. Similar to the way Step Six in the AA 12×12 is discussed as an ideal, we practice the perfections. The difference between 12-Step and Buddhism is that Buddhism aims for total liberation from suffering. Rather than saying we’ll never be perfect so why try, the Dharma teaches us how to get free-total liberation, just like Buddha.

We’ll have five sessions beginning Sunday evening and ending Tuesday morning. There will be breakout sessions and a weekend project to teach Shamanic skills with the natural environment and Art techniques to develop an artifact that embodies your experience and intention. Breitenbush is sacred land and is ripe with energy for all of this kind of work. The program will include silent and guided meditation, all levels yoga (optional but strongly encouraged), ongoing writing practice, group and individual exercises designed to make the practice come alive.

We’ll have only a short time to delve into these deep topics. For further study a list of teachers and materials will be suggested following the retreat if practitioners have that interest. As always, the 12-Step Buddhist Google and Facebook groups are available for discussions.

We have a lot of fun with the annual Winter 12-Step Buddhist Retreats at Breitenbush. They liked us so much that they asked us to add a summer program as well. We’re having our second summer retreat on August 26th-28thSunday evening through Tuesday noon.  Our guest presenters this summer will help to incorporate practices for daily living and healing. We’re honored to have Pat N. again for the Zen program to include early morning walking meditations on the hiking trails and focused zen-style meditations. Bridget B. offering awareness Energy and Body, and Lana L who will facilitate a transformative mask making ancient ritual art that  conveys our unique human experience in our relationship to the world we share , our culture and ourselves with symbology and archetypal energies.  We will also have recommended writing assignments for this retreat.

This will be a warm community setting. Anyone is welcome – you don’t have to be Buddhist or be in recovery. If someone is struggling with sobriety, however, please contact us before registering.

All deposits are non-refundable. To secure your lodging choice, please include the lodging cost with your retreat fee. Lodging is given on a first come, first fully paid basis. All monies must be in by August 15th to reserve your spot.

You may register by PayPal by using the button below. Calculate your $99 retreat fee and add your lodging fee. Lodging fees are TOTAL lodging fees for the retreat and are not daily feels. So for example the totals in the table for camping and retreat are $209. That price is per person. If you would rather pay in person or by check, send an email to Tysa Fennern. Tysa will be handling all room assignments. If you have any questions about the topics or details of the retreat content, please contact Darren.

Please see the Breitenbush Hot Springs website for details, directions and restrictions. If you are coming from out of state, please register on their site for ride sharing. We will also have ride sharing through the 12-Step Buddhist Google Group. Register for that under the Resources Tab on https://www.the12stepbuddhist.com

Please note: The dates are on a Sunday through Tuesday.


Please note: Breitenbush lodging prices sometimes fluctuate. We may have to add a few dollars to the total depending on them. It’s a little complicated and we apologize. But it’s worth it. The retreats are always great.

Column 1 is the lodging option. All lodging includes food. If you camp, bring your own camping gear. There are no tents available to rent.
Column 2 is our presenter fee.
Column 3 is the TOTAL for everything: retreat, lodging, food.

Lodging+Food                       Retreat Fee                           Total
Cabin w/Bath      $218         $99/$149  (after 8/15)        $317
Cabin w/o Bath   $184         $99                                         $283
Lodge                    $140         $99                                         $239
BB Tent/Dorm     $134        $99                                         $233
Own Tent              $110         $99                                         $209

Bedding: $20/$24 (double)


To keep costs down, all registration will be handled by us. Note: Don’t contact Breitenbush for registration. See the Breitenbush website for facility details, map, directions, etc. There is bedding (pillows and blankets) available for $20 (single)\$24 (double) through PayPal below for the weekend or you can bring your own. Please email Darren Littlejohn for specifics about the retreat activities. Breitenbush is not handling any of the retreat details. They will refer you to us.

To secure your place, please try to make full payment using PayPal.All lodging options are first come, first serve. We have limited space and will try to accommodate everyone’s choices.

Retreat and lodging fees are per person, (not per cabin) for the entire weekend and include food.

  • Bedding: Bring your own or $20 (Single), $24 (Double) – make this payment using PayPal
  • Dana (Dharma Tips) gratefully accepted

There are many great reasons to rideshare, from reducing greenhouse gases and saving money to meeting new people. We now have a Breitenbush rideshare website which is available to our registered guests. Information about connecting to the site is included in confirmation emails. If you have questions about the rideshare site, feel free to ask us when making a reservation or send us an email at [email protected]

The Rideshare site is only intended for Breitenbush guests and staff. We also have people with some space in their cars. Email Darren ONLY if you’re having trouble getting your own ride. It takes about 2 hours from SE Portland to get up there. SPECIAL NOTE: USE ONLY DIRECTIONS PROVIDED BY BREITENBUSH.

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