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12-Step Buddhist 4th Annual Winter Retreat: Feb 1-3, 2013

By Darren Littlejohn
PowerofVowKindleCoverNoHandsFourth Annual Winter Retreat for 2013 at Breitenbush Hot Springs.

The theme for this retreat is: The Power of Vow: Addict Promises vs. Buddhist Precepts based on my new book, The Power of Vow. We’ll have an optional vow taking ceremony at the last session of the retreat. Our weekend course will include the following activities and guest presenters offering different approaches to practices that enhance the recovery process:

Darren Littlejohn offering 12-Step Yogi practices and the famous Aspects of Self Dialog process, Tysa Fennern facilitating Shamanic Archetype Practices and Tarot, Mike Papas giving Zen instruction and sitting sessions, Andrea Bell, a licensed Black Belt Nia instructor guiding us into the voice of our body while exploring Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit practices of transformation via awareness and choice, and finally we are also trying to secure a massage practitioner to provide mini bodywork sessions! 

As always, we’ll have silent sitting and daily walking groups as well as group discussion and breakouts. Many people locally and online are participating in the revolution of consciousness in recovery-within 12-Step communities and beyond. We have several groups nationwide. If you’d like to learn how to form groups in your area, this retreat is the time to do it.

Join Darren Littlejohn, author of the 12-Step Buddhist and Tysa Fennern for the Fourth Annual 12-Step Buddhist Winter Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon. The retreat is open to anyone – you do not have to be an addict or Buddhist to participate. Join us as we foster spiritual recovery in the rustic but comfortable mountain setting.

Early bird of $99 plus lodging is in effect until January 15th.  Cost after January 15th is $149 plus lodging. Registration deadline is Jan. 21st, 2013. If you need to break up the payments beyond January 21st, Tysa will work with you. But you MUST have everything paid IN FULL before Feb 1st. We don’t accept payments at the retreat. We don’t control the lodging options. Details explained below. We always have such an amazing time with so many great people from coast to coast.  To reserve your space, register ASAP. The price is still super reasonable compared to other offerings at this lodge. As always, we try to keep it affordable for everyone. Donations to the presenters at the end of the retreat are always welcome. Note: The info is slightly different in the catalog or Breitenbush website, which may not be correct. The information here on this page is correct. Registration/Deposit/Bedding Fees To keep costs down, all registration will be handled by us. Please DO NOT contact Breitenbush for registration, they will only refer you back to us for details and coordination. See the Breitenbush website for facility details, map, directions, etc. There is bedding (pillows and blankets) available for $20 (single)\$24 (double) through PayPal below for the weekend or you can bring your own. Please email Darren Littlejohn for specifics about the retreat activities. Breitenbush is not handling any of the retreat details. They will refer you to us. Retreat and lodging fees are per person, (not per cabin) for the entire weekend and include food.

  • Retreat Registration (after 1/15/13) cost is $149 plus lodging (slightly different than catalog details)
  • Bedding: Bring your own or pay for bedding at rates of $20 (Single), $24 (Double) – make this payment using PayPal
  • Dana (donations) to individual presenters gratefully accepted

Lodging Prices

  • Cabin w Toilet – $102 per person per night. Total: $204
  • Cabin non-Bathroom (mixed or private) – $86 per person per night. Total: $172
  • Dorm – $64 per person per night. Total: $128

Retreat Prices

  • $99 – Early bird until 1/15/13
  • $149 – Regular price after 1/15/13

To Register

Please calculate your lodging choice plus retreat costs and send via PayPal on the link below or pay using [email protected] directly. Checks can be accepted as a last resort. It’s much easier for us with PayPal. Note: PayPal payments must go to [email protected] Make checks payable to Darren Littlejohn. For questions regarding rooms and other logistics email myself or Tysa Fennern. NOTE: Be sure to indicate in the PayPal “instructions to seller” if you require any of the following: diet restrictions (vegan, GF, etc), bedding (single or double), and/or special room accommodations (partner preferences or couples), etc.

To secure your place, please try to make full payment using PayPal. All lodging options are first come, first serve. We have limited space and will try to accommodate everyone’s choices.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • We’re committed to pay for the spots we reserve.
  • Registration deposits are non-refundable. By Jan 21st all reservations should be paid in full. However, if you’re having difficulties, contact Tysa Fennern to make arrangements. We don’t want anyone left out in the cold!
  • Lodging refunds can only be given if cancellation made by 1/21/13.
  • All retreat and lodging fees must be paid in full by midnight, January 21st. (If we don’t have the full registration by the cutoff, we have to release the beds to other guests or pay for them ourselves.)
  • After January 21st, 2013 you must pay in full in advance. Deposits are no longer excepted unless you make arrangements with Tysa Fennern (503-358-1794). If you have made a deposit and have not paid in full, please note that lodging preferences are given to retreaters who are paid in full.
  • Please do not plan to make your final payment on arrival. You must be paid in full before arriving at Breitenbush. Please note: If you are not paid in full prior to us leaving for the retreat, we reserve the right to donate your spot to someone who cannot afford it.

Lodging Includes

Vegetarian/Organic meals; Friday dinner, 3 meals on Saturday, breakfast and optional lunch on Sunday and 24 hour access to natural hot springs, as well as other Breitenbush staff planned activities including optional massage (contact Breitenbush to schedule massage 2-weeks prior).

Lodging Descriptions

  • Dorm – 4 bunkbeds shared (separate men and women dorms)
  • Cabins – all cabins are geothermally heated and fully enclosed with 2-3 beds
  • Shared Cabin with outside toilet access
  • Shared Cabin with private sink and toilet inside
  • Lodge Room inside main lodge with no bathroom (already reserved)

Reserved for disabled persons – the lodge room is nearby the main area and is not as quiet but is wheelchair accessible. However, not all of the areas of Breitenbush are easily accessed by wheelchair. For questions about access please call the facility.

Note: All registration will be managed by Darren Littlejohn and Tysa Fennern, so please don’t ask Breitenbush staff about retreat details.

Schedule of Activities

We’ll post a complete schedule with all meetings, topics and other events in the main meeting hall. Everyone will get a copy during check-in as well. Until then, please see the 2013 Tentative Retreat Schedule of activities below:

  • Guided and silent meditations, some mantra chanting, zen walking meditations.
  • Running for Recovery (where weather permits, all levels welcome, walkers/joggers/etc)
  • Aspects of Self Dialogs on topics related to this retreat theme.
  • Games on Friday and Saturday nights –bring your favorite group game to share.
  • Writing and Art Exercises – bring your own notebook for journaling/inventory work.
  • Spiritual Topic Book Basket – bring a favorite book to share for the topic grab bag. All books will be returned to their owners at conclusion of retreat.
  • Spiritual Altar – bring an item for the altar; sobriety chip, photo of ancestor, sacred statue, flowers, incense, lights/candles, Buddha or images of other spiritual figures. Everythingwill be returned on Sunday.
  • Yoga as a Recovery Tool – Sessions are optional – bring sweats or shorts!
  • Hot Tubbing in the Natural Springs – Full 24 hour access to the various levels of heat and steam – wonderful!

Directions for Getting There + RIDESHARE Options

Please coordinate rides on the 12-Step Buddhist Google Group on the Resources page. Additionally, there is a rideshare program from Breitenbush. Please check their website with this login: http://www.breitenbush.com/rideshare/ Username: rideshare Password: sustainable The rideshare site is only intended for Breitenbush guests and staff. We also have people with some space in their cars. Email Darren for the hook up. It takes about 2 hours from SE Portland to get up there. Maybe a bit longer if it’s snowing. Chains are required at that time of year.  SPECIAL NOTE: USE ONLY DIRECTIONS PROVIDED BY BREITENBUSH.




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