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11426044_10155698946195593_6148011480369816038_nHello and Good Day! Thank you for stopping by. This site has many blog posts, images, stories, podcasts and resources to explore.

The 12-Step Buddhist website has been live since August, 2008. I launched the site to serve those who were interested in recovery from addictions but who may have Buddhist leanings. The site has seen 232,376 visitors since it opened. We did five years of 12-Step Buddhist recovery meetings in Portland, as many years Summer and Winter retreats at Breitenbush Hot Springs.

The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast began in July, 2008 and has 257, 171 down loads at the time of this writing. I’ve had lapses in putting these out, but have been doing the weekly since January, 2016 and plan to continue to do so.

In those groups and retreats, we integrated many forms of spiritual wisdom, ranging from shamanism to singing bowls to acupuncture. We had sessions with the late Jim Blumenthal on Buddhist sutra teachings, initiations with Mingur Rinpoche, healings with Lama Khemsar Rinpoche, 4am Transmissions with Namkhai Norbu over webcast and all 16 hour teachings with Lama Zopa Rinpoche. We did my Aspects of Self Dialogs, silent and guided meditations, chanting and breath work. In 2011 I started the Yogis in Recovery yoga class at Yoga on Yamhill, which continues today with one of my students teaching. The 12-step Sangha meeting at the Portland Alano Club is still running, now in its 9th year.

Since we started this movement, a lot has changed in the recovery community. Kevin Griffin put out a couple more books, Noah Levine launched a treatment center and his Refuge Recovery meetings. Tommy Rosen began the Recovery 2.0 webinars and several other books have been released on the topic of Buddhism and Recovery. Nikki Meyers taught addicts all around the world how to be yogis in recovery.

12-Step culture remains pretty much the same. But many thousands of addicts have entered into recovery with eyes wide open to the teachings of the Buddha, as varied as those are. There are the Buddhist purists, the crazy-yogi Vajrayana practitioners, the one-pointed Zensters and many  breeds of Western non-dualists.

I continue to teach yoga and meditation in San Diego, and write constantly. There are ebooks, free eCourses and more podcasts, books and articles on the way. Sign up for my email list to stay in tune. There is a lot more to come as I integrate my own recovery with many different systems and navigate the waters of long term sobriety. There are over 7000 members on this site. I’m so glad that you chose to join us.



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