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How to Attain Meditative Stability

One of the most important aspects of meditation is the notion of meditative stability. We find a comfortable seat in an environment without distractions. Find a straight back. Let  your eyes soften. Sit tall and strong. Notice your strength.  Breathe in deeply.  On the inhale, take in a little more air and hold with an open throat before exhaling.  Pause on the exhale. Relax in openness. Repeat this breathing technique as long as you like. This is a complete practice. To add on, notice the three gates: body, energy, mind.

Notice your body. Be aware of the sensations within the body. Be aware of the breath. Notice the fluctuations during your inhales and exhales. See your mind. Let it relax. Your thoughts are like clouds floating by in the sky.

Sitting in this meditation posture, it’s easier to find the balance between effort and ease. This is the beginning of meditative stability. To add on, bring stability to movement as you rise up from your meditation posture into the postures and positions of everyday life. Return to the meditation position often, until there is no need to return to any particular position.

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