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Be Amazed With Your Existence!

When you look at yourself, where do you look and what do you see? Who are you? A body? Your feelings, or thoughts? We so often over-identify with one aspect of who we are, and deny another. When we’re lost in thought, we may be stuck in the belief that we are our thoughts. When we see ourselves in the mirror, our material self may not look the way we want it to, or how it used to. We become unhappy with our body. We see our body as something we possess, rather than one expression of who we are.

Yoga asks us to look deeper than the physical level, into our being. Perhaps here we can see our physical dimension as part, not all, of ourselves. In that regard, the body is an expression of our consciousness, rather than something we own or merely inhabit. Isn’t that amazing?

Today I acknowledge that my skin, tissues, bones and cells are amazing, powerful, rare expressions of the vital life force, prana in Sanskrit. Rather than judge myself on appearance, I choose to own my physical expression as an unbelievably rare event in the universe. It is amazing and, since my body is an expression of life, rather than a possession of the ego, I know on a deeper level that I am amazing.

And so are you.


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