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Get More Energy and Feel Lighter in 10 Days!

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Get More Energy

and Feel Lighter in 10 days

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Do you feel like you have to stuff your feelings with food, drink, infotainment?

Do you want to try some meditations instead of more medications?

The holidays are in full swing. For a lot of us, this is the most challenging time of the year. So let's get into a solution.


I have designed a FREE course for you to get started on a whole new way of being!

You'll get emails every day (sometimes more than one) with instructions on how to do each lesson.

Note: Based on feedback I've also created a 21-Day version of this course. Sign up for that if you'd like more time to work on the program.

The Course:

  • Lesson One
    • Prepare for LIFT UP: Create Your Goals
  • Lesson Two
    • Ready, Set, ROCK: Five Ways to Increase Your Heart Rate
  • Lesson Three
    • Sit But Don't Spin: How to Meditate Without Losing Focus
  • Lesson Four
    • Fire it UP: Three Ways to Breathe for More Energy
  • Lesson Five
    • Don't Reach For It: Choose What Goes In Your Body
  • Lesson Six
    • Reach For It: Beginning Yoga Posture #1
  • Lesson Seven
    • Don't Take a Pill, Just Chill: How to Relax Deeply
  • Lesson Eight
    • Make Friends With Discomfort: Beginning Yoga Posture #2
  • Lesson Nine
    • Wait, Don't Go: Time to Let it Flow (super easy yoga sequence)
  • Lesson Ten
    • How to Tie it All Together Without Getting Tied Up

Start feeling better now:

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