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Holiday from Hell

I was just reflecting on my Thanksgiving in 1995 in Dallas, Texas. I was working in Tech Support, riding my bike to and from work, stopping in at the gay alano club on the way to and from. I’m not gay, but was willing to go to any lengths to stay sober. Well, except for the pot. I used to go to the late night meetings there, where they had a bust in a wedding dress that people would stand behind while sharing, so it looked like everyone was in drag. I don’t think the lesbians liked it much. That meeting was weird, and even weirder stoned.

My mind was so effed up during that time period that I stopped paying my bills. My sweet, black, Honda Civic hatchback got repossessed. The girlfriend that I was with stopped sleeping with me and started seeing other men, even though we were supposedly still together. I was a jerk, make no mistake about it. I’m still friends with her today and she knows how sad I feel about how I acted back then. But yeah. Instead of paying rent, I bought her things to win her back. I spent about $100 on Thanksgiving dinner and had her over. She stayed a few minutes and left me sitting there with all the food from Boston Market. So I got drunk. Real drunk.

I woke up one morning to the sound of someone calling my name. I found two guys standing in my living room. One of them took me to the ground and put me in a headlock. It was the landlord. He’d driven all the way from Indiana because my check had bounced. I called the police. They said, “Well, pay your rent.” That’s Texas for ya haha.

Things are different now because I’m clean and sober. Next week I’ll have 18 years of sobriety. Doing well. Married to a super beauty. Living in a luxury building in downtown San Diego. I own a late model Honda, black of course. Payments are up to date. It’s even insured. We bike to our jobs downtown. I work at a personal development company, where I help people achieve their dreams. It’s different-real different. So that’s my gratitude story for this year. Rent is paid, got it made in the shade.

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*Photo credit to my wife.


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