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How Now?

Whether we’re on the yoga mat or on a date, we often find ourselves in a state of self-evaluation. In conventional terms, it makes sense to wonder how we’re doing in some situations more so than others. But us yogis are called to a different view.

We study ourselves and hold the question open, but it’s more like, “How is it, just now?” rather than, “OMG is my hair OK? Do I have food in my teeth? Does he think I’m pretty?”

Yogis observe, impartially, the different ways that we exist in the world: mental, emotional, spiritual. But impartial doesn’t mean disconnected. We see how it is, just now, knowing there’s a deeper picture, always. Whatever the surface appearance, we can breathe, move, grow with awareness that our perceptions are temporary, our understanding incomplete and our journey infinite.


My head may tell me that I know something about how I’m doing in any given moment. Fear might suggest I’m not doing well, ego may tell me I’m performing better than I really am. Yet my yogi heart is open to the mystery, always ready to bravely explore possibility.

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