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How to Make a Dharma Desk

Completed Dharma Desk


In my book I mentioned that you could find the How To for the Dharma Desk I made myself. It’s a pretty simple thing to build. If I can do it with limited skills, I’m sure anyone with a little knowledge could make a real nice version of this. I just used pine from Home Depot, and I didn’t put a finish on it. You might also consider using a beveler to round the edges. It might also be nice to add a little shelf sticking out the sides for vajra and bell, incense, etc. You could also possibly add a pencil holder or a mala hook would add something to the design. These might be particularly useful when doing personal retreat. I screwed in a picture hook on the side for my mala. I added a place below to fit my meditation bench as well as a shelf to hold Dharma books. A 12-Step Buddhist could also add their recovery books or other inspirational materials.

Screw it and Glue it.

I used Elmer’s Wood Glue and half inch screws to connect the parts after I cut them out. Seems like a good way to go, as it’s holding up quite nicely after several years.

Dharma Desk Plan

Dharma Desk Plan

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