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Join the Get Abundant Energy Facebook Mastermind Group

This is a special type of Facebook Group called a Mastermind. It’s closed, meaning it’s not open to the public. This way the confidentiality and privacy of all members is protected. This Facebook Group is available for Get Abundant Energy course members only. You have to be enrolled in the course or have graduated to access the Facebook Group. Note: This group is happening at Ground Level. Those who get in now will be considered an Experienced Member, Mentor, Admin or other special status. It’ll be small at first. But that means more intimacy and more access to my expertise.

In the Get Abundant Energy Facebook Mastermind you get:

  • Access to me. I’m on there constantly and will respond to questions, moderate and post special bonus content. I’m your small group coach. Note: As the group grows, I will not have time to do as much. This would be a good time to take advantage of the opportunity. You may also become a Mentor in the group as we get bigger. For every 100 members, we’ll add Mentors
  • You can’t get this training anywhere else. No one integrates Buddhism, Yoga, Fitness and Wellness practices the same way.
  • To be an important part of a community of like-minded folks.
  • Support for your goal setting, problem areas, emotional challenges.
  • Tips and Tricks to help make the program work better for you.
  • New Ideas that are not yet a part of the email course.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions for all Mastermind members (Skype or Google Hangout)
  • Special content available only to members such as videos, sample book chapters, audio programs and more.
  • Guest Experts: articles, Q&As, special offers.

This group is FREE for now, so just click the link and I’ll add you. As it grows, we’ll see how it goes.

Join the Facebook Get Abundant Energy group for FREE.