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About the Publisher

About Beyond Words

At Beyond Words, our books and our company are an expression of who we are as people, the values we hold, and the actions we take to bring our goals to light. We want to inspire people through our work—inspire them to gain wholeness and completeness for themselves, and to learn, grow, and find solutions.

15 New Titles Each Year

Founded in 1983 as a publisher of fine coffee table books, Beyond Words currently releases around 15 new titles in the Mind-Body-Spirit category each year in partnership with Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. We also serve as a wholesale distributor of Beyond Words books to international booksellers and retailers, including Costco, Indigo Books in Canada, and Cygnus Books in the UK, as well as over 3,000 independent bookstores and gift or specialty shops around the world. In addition, we sell direct to the public via this website and from our offices in Hillsboro, Oregon.

We are proud to have published several books in recent years that have been blockbuster bestsellers. The Secret has been on the NY Times list for more than a year and continues to be the top-selling book of all time in its category. Dr. Emoto’s Hidden Messages in Water was also a groundbreaking success, making the NY Times bestseller list for 25 weeks in 2005. We look forward to bringing many more great titles forward in the months and years ahead.

Beyond Distribution: Our New Sister Company

Recently, we launched a sister company, Beyond Distribution, to enable us to offer our customers DVDs, CDs and other items produced by outside filmmakers, musicians and artists that compliment the mission and vision of our books while uplifting our customers.

Foreign Rights

Beyond Words books have been published in over 40 languages. For example, The Secret will be available in Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Greek, Thai, and Latvian and 39 total languages by the end of this year. We are always open to discussing foreign rights with publishers from other countries.
Anticipating and Setting Trends

Beyond Words will continue to anticipate and articulate trends in the evolution of consciousness and the intersection of science and spirituality. We are pleased and privileged to be a resource for growth through the books we publish, the authors we represent, the products we distribute and the information we provide via this website. Please stay tuned, as our story continues to evolve.