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Interview QnA

1. How did your history lead you to write this book?

2. What makes you an expert on this subject?

3. Would you briefly summarize the 12-steps for listeners who aren’t familiar with them?

4. What about Buddhism? Can you tell us a little about the religion and their beliefs?

5. Why would you want to combine the 12-Step program with Buddhism? Doesn’t it work just fine on it’s own?

6. What addictions will this book be helpful for? Is this just for people with drug addictions and alcoholics?

7. Who would be interested in buying this book?

8. So, would this work for me if I have a serious addiction to chocolate?

9. Have you tested these techniques with anyone?

10. Can you give us an example of a technique or exercise from the book?

11. Can the principles in this book by applied the same for all ages? How about those of us over 50?

12. How would a listener compassionately introduce The 12-Step Buddhist to a loved one who needs it, but hasn’t faced that fact yet? Do you have any tips?