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I listen to the King of Prayers Sutra recording of yours quite a bit. It’s nice to hear it recited by someone else, such as you, enunciated with such devotion. It’s like driving up Big Sur as a passenger, rather than having to drive. You get to take in so much more. I wish you the most auspicious success with all of your efforts and aspirations in Buddhist study and recovery and with your publications! And I look forward to reading your book! May all beings benefit!
Daniel-Santa Cruz

My sponsor gave me your book last night and I was up until 2AM reading it. It is fantastic.
Mark-Ottawa, ON

Dear;Darren ,Thank You for the advance copy!!!! With palms joined I prostrate for your kindness.I plan to use it as a tool to help others .I have my own way of incorporating the 12 steps with the Three Jewels ,so thank you for bringing this text to the recovery community.Many Blessings Dharma brother.”I am responsible when anyone anywhere reaches out I want the hand of____ to always be there for that I am responsible”. With Vajra & Bell Mark

Thank you for sharing who you are.The 12 step buddist is pure love and devotion.Would love to have you as a friend.Our paths are so ajke.THE wisdom has help so many in our AA Meeting.NAMASTE

I thought the class went really well! You really handle a group of people expertly- you really stay centered. My friend, who knows next to nothing about Buddhism and hasn’t gotten too far into the book yet, got several goodies from the class which attests to the fact that you communicate so well and obviously walk your talk!

Hey Darren,

It was great to meet you the other night. I have a photo for you (attached) — I gave the two books to my friends. Linda LOVED hers! She was SO SURPRISED. Best of luck with your journey.


I am a Buddhist with Sangha recovering Alcoholic/Addict with home group in Charlotte, NC. I have read your book and it is a fabulously laid out merging of the 12 Steps and Buddhism, which, to me, have always seemed like the perfect complement to one another. I thank you for your book and its raw-this-guy-is-for-real-an-alcoholic, yet soft and gentle approach to working the steps with a strong dose of the, as you put it, medecine of the Dharma. I consider you a member of my book Sangha, in which I include, among several others, Charlotte Joko Beck, Lama Surya Das, and Thich Nhat Hanh. I appreciate the service you have provided with this wonderfully insightful book.

With a smile,


Oh, I added you as a friend because I feel like you are one : – )

I was recently in Tucson, AZ where I went to the 2nd AA meeting in my life and I stumbled upon a book titled the 12 Step Buddhist at Antigone Bookstore and just fell in love with it and am reading it now.

Hi a friend of mine got me your book for my 23rd birthday. Being clean for 23 years is good, but I was really unhappy about my life. I hadn’t said anything, but your book has helped. She also has helped me on the spiritual path of Buddhism so this was right on time. Not sure what will happen, as I’m still reading the book, but just wanted to say thanks….Kenny C.

you are so freaking awesome!

I’m your fan….!

Thank you for being my friend I like the things you talk/think about and express…reallu=y appreciate your presence here on facebook….I do


Can do. As a recovering addict myself I must say the book helped to change my mind about the 12 steps. I was just burned out on the war stories and the “glory days” to the point I would just speak out that if it was so F’ing good why are you here. Now I go and enjoy them again. Been clean 15 years this coming June 5th. I will post it at amazon in a few. Peace my brother…”
-David Lynch

Darren, I’m reading your book just now; struggling with sobriety at a tough time; and I can’t express how much your words mean to e just now. Thanks for your writing. Tom H

Darren I`m having a great time reading your book. I am bipolar and borderline so its hard to read but I haven`t put it down for long. Finding its really helping my spirituality grow.

I love the book I am doing the steps over your way And my sponcer wants to do them with me How fun – Patrick W.

i was @ a meeting yesterday and I was talking about your book and a gal there said she got the book mailed to her and she hadn’t opened it up yet after I shared with about the book she can hardly wait to get into it. peace

Dear Darren Littlejohn, I am enjoying your book very much. I love how Spirit brings us what we need. I’ve been in the 12-Step program and I have studied Buddhism for a long time. Can’t say that I take it totally as my belief system, but it’s the closest that I’ve come. Been an addict for 2/3rds of my life. Thank you for writing this book, sharing your journey, wanting true happiness for each and every one of us. Thank you. In peace together…..Chris Davis

Finished reading your book. All I have to say is what an impact. I have been walking on a cloud ever since. Things are not bothering me like before I feel free. I feel like I love myself for who I am. Its great! – Michael H.

A perfect night meditating on forgiveness and giving that person everything she wants. I was literally in tears. Thank you “12-Step Buddhist” man! Kevin N.

Man! went to a buddhist twelve step meeting last night in San Antonio. I showed the facilitator Littlejohn’s Book….so I could tell he wanted it…so I blessed him with it…my girlfriend has the other one…so now I have to go back to Amazon to get ‘me’ one…and I’ve only gotten to read Robert Thurman’s forward.

Really really really tight, not flaky or phoney, or fluffy….right on target.

I attended my first AA meeting at twenty-one, I’m thirty-seven now, with four years sobriety, and three years of buddhist study/practice.

u did a good thing
thank you
namaste KIley C.

Hey Darron!
Am reading your book and loving it! Especially when you refer to John C or Johnny O or “when your ass is sucking plaster” –
And also enjoying the integration of Buddism with the steps….re-read the first three three times – first fast, then slowly, then again just to let it sink a bit deeper – all kinds of good stuff –
thank you for this gift. – Kim F.

I just finished reading your book, and it resonates with me on a number of levels. I spent the better part of a decade (1978-1988 ) emersed in Zen Buddhist meditation following my brother’s suicide.