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No Old Age and Death

Passed by Long Beach yesterday on our way to Santa Monica.  I wanted to go see my sponsor. It had been 7-8 years since he’d last visited me in Portland. I met him in Long Beach in 1991 when I was going to college. Showed my wife my old house there in LB and the coffee shop where I studied with my friend in graduate school. My son was about three and would sit in the laps of the girls there. It was sort of melancholy. Twenty four years is a long time to have passed.

I found out my sponsor isn’t in Long Beach, but in a board and care in Mission Viejo. I drove down there on our way back to San Diego went in to see him. I couldn’t get a straight answer from him or the staff as to what had happened. But apparently he can’t walk, is incontinent and has had a very hard time. He was unable to understand what I was saying. But he and my wife had a normal conversation when I went to talk to the staff.

I cried hard when we walked out of there. Spoke to his power of attorney holder today. She’s taking care of him so I felt like he’s in good hands. All day I’ve been saying things and realizing these were things I’d learned from him. This is the second sponsor that I’ve watched deteriorate and it is a sad thing to witness.

No old age and death and no end to old age and death. Prajna paramita (wisdom of emptiness). Teachings of the Buddha.

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