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Super Fun Time in Sun Valley

Had a great weekend in Sun Valley Idaho at the Wellness Festival. Over 120 people showed up for the talk. Sold tons of books. Talked with Bob Thurman and thanked him profusely for the amazing Foreword he wrote for the 12-Step Buddhist.
I also connected well with Younge Mingyur Rinpoche who is a reincarnation of a lama from whom I have received many terma (dream) teachings by way of my own teacher. I felt very honored that Rinpoche attended my talk. I was blown away to see him listening with his eyes closed as I led a meditation, laughing at my jokes as the large group of addicts spoke from the voices of the Controller, the Addict, the Sufferer and the Mind that Seeks Refuge. We sang a refuge melody at the end and I felt like the sun was shining through the roof. Rinpoche gave a talk later that afternoon, where I learned some cool new meditations.
Then I spoke at a local recovery group’s speaker meeting, where I kept it 100% 12-Step, despite requests to talk about the book. Later that night I had dinner at a very fancy restaurant with 4 other authors from the Beyond Words Publishing team. These are all really high level people, with advanced degrees and accomplishments, international accolades and spiritual experiences to boot. We were tasked with sharing our experiences, as they led up to the work we’re doing, around the table. When it was my turn to speak, I said, “How did I get here?” It was mind blowing to be among such sophisticated people. I felt very good about adding to the conversation and contributing ideas to the flow, making people laugh along the way. I held my own and then some. From where I come from–people like me don’t eat in places like that or hang out with fellows from the Academy of Sciences–it was a big deal to be there.
The more work I do with the material from the 12-Step Buddhist, the more convinced I am of the power of these methods. If someone like me can wind up in a place like that, anyone can.
Keep coming back everybody. Until all realms are empty of suffering beings that is.


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