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when we come back again

once we left this place
taking ourselves into the narrow space
were forgotten souls dwell

we’re born and grow old
then we’re born and grow old
and we’re born and grow old

and we saw it all in an instant
on that long walk
along endless ocean
against infinite sky
ten million colors
raging without end
as we drew them all in
with every sweet breath
as if we’d never tasted death

once in the middle of a darkly lit morning
I thought I felt a turn shifting in the wind

her laughter stole my pain

before I looked I knew it had slipped away
no dream fulfilled that day
more empty prose my heart should not whisper

pure motives gone astray
but it leaks out like rain
from some rusted out gas can
on your daddy’s back lawn
while he lays drunk on cheap beer
on an old, stained couch

and every scent
and every color
every lost thought
and every red moon at the end of seasons mired in ethereal darkness
speak thier words
when my mouth tries not to say her name
but every summer’s sweet scents fade

it comes and goes
we walk the earth waiting for the cold touch of perpetual relief
as twilight comes to call
with the fall of every leaf

it comes and goes
yeah it all comes and goes
like who we think we are
arising, yet destined to fade
like the secret wishes of those
who walk alone in crowds
trying to remember
their favorite lover’s names

once we left this place…

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