The Yoga of Letting GoLearn to let go. Heal from grief, loss, and trauma with simple meditations that really work.

How free do you want to be?

This is a book of meditations on letting go of resentment, fear, guilt, fear, shame, depression, anxiety, PTSD and toxic relationships.

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Through simple mindfulness practices and the principles of yoga meditations, you will learn how to let go with wisdom from the ancient yogis and modern psychologists, as well as the author’s personal experiences. 

Never done yoga? Don’t worry! This book is about meditations. There are a few simple and optional postures included. It can be a companion to your physical practice and a standalone guidebook.

This ebook is part of The Yoga of Transformation Series.

Book I
The Yoga of Self Compassion: How to practice self-acceptance and learn to love yourself
Book II
The Yoga of Letting Go: How to heal yourself from grief and loss and find recovery from traumatic relationships
Book III
The Yoga of Being a Badass: Free yourself from the self-constructed prison of mediocrity and be your best self EVER 

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Have you lost a person or a pet? Having trouble letting go?

We will all suffer major losses. On average, every nine years we will lose someone important. But when we turn to others for support, we may come up empty-handed. In our culture, we don’t always know how to deal with loss. The Yoga of Letting Go teaches you the process of letting go. Find the wisdom to heal yourself and help others.

Going through a bad breakup?

We’ve all been through it. Sometimes we even get involved with partners who neglect our needs or even abuse us. Learn how to let go of what you don’t need, to make room for the abundance and joy that you deserve.

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Do you have symptoms of PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be a war vet or victim of violent crime or natural disaster. Trauma can happen little by little over time. Losses can be traumatic. Holding on to negative situations and feelings can exacerbate PTSD.  It can cripple you before you even know you have it.

The Yoga of Letting Go will help you understand what PTSD is and isn’t. Trauma from grief, loss and bad relationships can cause symptoms of PTSD. If you or someone you love does experience symptoms, learn what to do about it. 

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Do you struggle with attachment and addiction?

Over 20 million people a year enter treatment for addictions.

One of the main causes of relapse is being unable to let go of anger. Resentment is the #1 offender to people in recovery. Learn how to let go of resentment and anger to enhance recovery from any addiction.

Free yourself from the chains that bind you to toxic shame and suffering.

The Yoga of Letting Go opens the door for true peace and freedom, so you can love others with your whole self, live in harmony and be your best self.

Join bestselling author Darren Littlejohn in the journey to find personal power, inner strength, and healing.

For less than a cocktail, The Yoga of Letting Go can change your life.

Are you ready to let go?

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